Welcome to Almond Eyes; Wide Horizons

The chances are if you’re here, you probably know us already…

Born in lockdown 2020, Baby Scribbles grabbed an extra chromosome in his rush to join us. He also made off with more than his fair share of charm, cheek and stubbornness, traits he shares with my late dad. In fact, he’s so like his dziadek, both in looks and personality, that I think they must have met up somewhere to compare notes.

The name Almond Eyes; Wide Horizons is a nod both to Papa Scribbles and Baby Scribbles. They certainly share the same beautiful almond eyes so typical of Down’s syndrome.

The plan for the blog is that there is no plan. It will evolve, as will our lives. At some point, post-Covid, I hope it will involve an element of travel.

Hanging on the wall in Baby Scribbles’ nursery is a giant map of the world. What a classroom. So many possibilities for learning, growing and discovering.

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